Validating soil parameters of the EU-SoilHydroGrids database through in-situ measurements

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A critical calculation step in rainfall-runoff modelling is the separation of effective precipitation and infiltration loss. Numerous calculation methods are available in rainfall-runoff models to assess infiltration, which usually include several soil parameters. However, we usually lack information on soil characteristics at Hungarian catchments. Recently, a new gridded soil database was published for Europe. The aim of the study is to validate the values in this database performing in-situ measurements. These would be made using a double-ring infiltrometer, at several locations, on several occasions at the study catchments. Another main aspect of the study would be the usage of data for event-based rainfall-runoff modelling.

Used rainfall-runoff model: HEC-HMS. Other required skills: ArcGIS/QGIS and Matlab/Excel.

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BSc téma