The consulting activity of our department covers the following fields:

Fluvial hydraulics

Hydraulic and hydrological investigation of rivers and streams using 1D, 2D and 3D hydrodynamic models and state-of-art field measurements. The engineering problems include:

  • flood conveyance,
  • flood hazard behind levee systems,
  • sediment transport,
  • mixing and transport of pollutants,
  • hydraulics of structures,
  • hydraulic scale modelling


Lake hydraulics

Hydraulic and hydrological investigations of lakes, reservoirs and sea lagoons using hydrodynamic models and field measurements, including air. The tackled engineering problems include:

  • water motions and mass-exchange processes of shallow lakes,
  • water-level fluctuations due to hydrological processes and wind,
  • wind-induced wave fields,
  • sediment transport,
  • thermodynamics and energy budget.



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Proactive Lajta/Leitha Flood Risk Management: Analysis of storage and conveyance capacity (Client: North-Transdanubian Water Directorate)

Hydrodynamic impact assessment of the planned harbor development at Fertőrákos, Lake Fertő. (Client: Tér Team Kft.)



Water-quality improvement of Lake Városliget (Budapest), technical report (Client: Városliget Zrt.)

Hydrodynamic and morphological analysis of the water level control structure on Mosoni-Duna river (NW Hungary), pre-design impact assessment, (Client: North-Transdanubian Water Directorate)

Foundation study of the fluvial suspended sediment monitoring (Client: General Directorate of Water Management, Budapest

Groundwater monitoring in Budapest (Client:FCSM Zrt, Főmterv Zrt.)

Hydrogeological analysis of Museum Kiscelli (Budapest), (Client: Hungarian National Museum)

Feasibility study of a floating structure on  the Danube, technical report



Modernisation of the water level control system of Lake Balaton (Hungary), hydrodynamic investigations (Client: General Directorate of Water Management, Budapest

Rehabilitation of the shore protection of Lake Velencei (Hungary). pre-design hydrodynamic investigation study (Client: VIZITERV Consult Kft.)

Hydrodynamic modelling studies for the national flood conveyance management programme. Rivers dealt with: Danube, Rába, Mosoni-Duna, Mura, Répce-floodway, Rábca, Körös-valley, Maros (Clients: North-transdanubian Water Directorate, West-transdanubian Water Directorate and Lower-Tisza-valley Water Directorat)

Hydrogeological analysis about the operation and the restoration of Törökkert-drainage system (Client: Főmterv Zrt.)

Hydrogeological report for the water management study of Pomáz town. (Client: Kész tervező Kft.)

Hydrological analysis of groundwater distribution at Vásárosnamény, technical report. 



National revision of design river flood levels (Client: General Directorate of Water Management)

Operational flood forecasting for Drava and Mura rivers using hydrodynamic modelling during the flood in September 2014. (Client: General Directorate of Water Management)

Hydrodynamic impact assessment of the breakwater structure of a port at Balatonfűzfő, Lake Balaton, Hungary (Client: Master Invest Hungary Kft.)

Impact assessment of the planned alteration on the floodplain of the Danube river near Sződliget. Field measurements and hydromorphological modelling. (Client: Danube-Ipoly National Park Directorate)

Hydraulic and hydrological analysis of Eger Creek. Possible effects of climate change on surface-water resources. (Client: University of Eszterházy Károly, Eger)



Revision of the design flood level of the Danube. (Client: General Directorate of Water Management)

Preparation of a flood conveyance plan for the Pilismarót reach of the Danuve river supported by numerical modelling (Client: General Directorate of Water Management)

Comprehensive hydrogeologcal analysis of Lake Feneketlen and its area (Budapest). technical report, (Client: Főkert Zrt.)