BSc in Civil Engineering

3D Constructional Modelling of Structures
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Basic Hydraulics
Basic Informatics
Basic Mechanics
Basic Surveying
Basics of Environmental Engineering
Basics of Statics and Dynamics
Basis of Design
Bridges and Infrastructures
Building Construction I.
Building Construction II.
Building Construction Study
Building Design Projectwork
Buildingcal, reservation-operational professional practice
CAD for Civil Engineers
Chemistry of Construction Materials
Civil Engineering Informatics
Civil Engineering Representation and Drawing
Construction Materials I.
Construction Materials II.
Construction Technology
Design of Structures Projectwork
Dynamics of Structures
Field Course of Structural Geodesy
Foundation Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering, Water Management
Hydraulics I.
Industrial Practice
Introduction to Strength of Materials
Laboratory Practice of Testing of Structures and Materials
Planner bureaul professional practice
Public Works I.
Public works II.
Railway Tracks
RC and Masonry Structures
Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Reinforced Concrete Structures
Rock Mechanics
Soil Mechanics
Steel and Composite Structures
Steel Buildings
Steel Structures
Strength of Materials
Structural Analysis I.
Structural Analysis II.
Surveying Field Course
Surveying I.
Surveying II.
Technical Drawing
Theory of Administration, Real Estate Registration
Timber Structures
Underground Structures, Deep Found.
Urban and Regional Development
Water Quality Management